Waiting...for a brother or sister!

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When little Miranda-Belle visited our studio with her mum and dad for a family shoot, she had us all captivated!  Only 19 months old, she was just adorable in her little dresses – some of which had been worn by her mum when she was a little girl!  Here she is in a rare quiet moment, exploring the pregnant tummy of her mummy.  We can only wonder what is going through her little mind as she awaits the arrival of her baby brother or sister…  maybe (just maybe) when Miranda-Belle is older she will see this image and be able to tell her parents what she remembers of that special time.  

That’s one of the amazing things about family photographs – if we look at them soon after the event and then periodically as time goes by, we actually increase our ability to recall the events of our lives.  I should know – I have boxes of photographs taken in my childhood and without them, I don’t think I would be able to remember half the things I have done or the stages of my life’s journey.  The images Miranda-Belle’s parents have selected for a framed series will serve to help Miranda-Belle remember the time she was still a baby whilst also telling the story of her family’s journey and the love that surrounds her… and her baby brother…or sister! x Donna