Black and white portraits of little Lucas.

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Maybe I am drawn to gorgeous toddlers of this age because I have a very cute boy of my own, but there’s no denying that Lucas, pictured, is one very handsome man indeed.  Those lashes!  This was his family’s first official photo shoot.  We captured the a range of images for them in our beautiful signature style of classic black and white, and designed a gorgeous framed series (you can see this design above), a lovely feature canvas and a collection of images in an Image Box – it was too difficult to choose!

Lucas had a fantastic time at the shoot, and his mum has even caught him admiring his images!  Sonya and James, thank you for bringing your gorgeous boy (and yourselves!) to Katrina Christ Photographer for your family portraits.  It has been a pleasure!  We really look forward to seeing you again in the coming years as Lucas grows.