Amazing mum's who are taking over the corporate world!

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I have photographed this amazing business woman, wife, mother and mentor many times. In both a corporate setting as well as my portraits! I even captured an award winning portrait at one of her family photo shoots! I want to give a shout-out about how amazing she is in every aspect of her life and how this article in the Working Women's magazine just confirms that even further! How amazing to build a day care on site to take care of all of these gorgeous children whose parents work at Tanya's company - Consolid8. She really does think outside the box and is incredibly solutions focused! So if you are looking for an amazingly thorough accountant or a woman in business looking for financial advice - you can check out her amazing Accelor8 program:

Thanks Tanya for coming back year after year for your family photographs and of course for your wonderful inspirational thoughts! xo