Its a Digital World - Adapt or Die - Part 6

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digital package 25052017

So following on from my last blog. 

My husband reminded me in all this that there were other times in my business life that I have had to adapt and change, I could do it again. Of course I can.

Its time to change, I've done enormous amounts of research, my team and I have gone back and forth and back and forth playing with packages and prices.

You may or not know but I have never offered a package in my life, I have been all about customer designing for each family. Its also a big part of what I love to do in my business . The creativity in photographing your family is one part of the whole experience, the next part is sitting in my design room with me selecting favourites, me listening to what you really want, what you love, where its going to hang.

I've discovered in this process that I am a PURIST. I love this process, I love making it perfect for you, I love ensuring that the quality is outstanding, and I love nothing more than seeing it on your walls.

So I struggled with letting this all go and then realised that I didn't have to give it all up.

So we have created 3 digital packages for you, which we hope will work for you.

PLUS I am still offering what I have always done so that if you want it all done for you then you can leave this in our capable hands.

Onwards and upwards, we are looking forward to photographing your family again.

Katrina xxx