2016 Marks my 20th Year in Business

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katrina christ photographer

You may have all seen by now this year 2016 marks my 20th year in business and all year I have made comments of coming full circle. Yesterday when I arrived at my portrait photo shoot I couldn't believe it ..... I had put my background stands in the OTHER car.
After my feelings of embarrassment had passed and dear Jen and Pete reassured me, I had to giggle!

This is what I used to do all those years ago when I started, I would turn up at a family home and find the highest thing I could, to clip my background to.

Yesterday was a fence !

Below photo of the three boys was captured over 15 years ago, using film. Love the old shoe hold down the backdrop - top left :)​

I then asked on facebook for all my family's to share a story of me coming to your home. These are the results :) :) 

HM - "Wheelie bins in the driveway!! You were on maternity leave with Cami I think! I had spent days styling the home and the best light was in the driveway! "

AA - "2002, you did this with us & used our outdoor chairs on the deck, you were also lovely enough to let us get 1 with our family dog which i love as she passed away a few years later."

DB - "You turned our outdoor table on its side and clipped the background to it. We had to bribe my son, who was 2 at the time (2002 I think??), with M&M's to cooperate. Of course my daughter was the perfect super model 😇, she was 5. It was a great day!! We still have the photo on our wall and people still comment on how beautiful it is "

DV - "2001 you asked for a couple of white sheets and tied them up outside near the pool. I love the photo from that shoot. Thank you Katrina "

LD - "Yes, ours was a sheet on the deck too. After getting spectacular shots of ours boys (where you had them eating out of your hand and laughing hysterically!) and packing up you found one of them sucking his thumb and you were so sad you hadn't captured the moment. I still think of that when I see those pics! Happy 20 years!"

FT - "Our fist shoot in 2003 was in an odd corner of our yard and somehow you put your sheet up on the side of the house. I was always amazed that you wouldn't know from the photos that was where we were. We hadn't even built our deck then. The next 2 shoots were done on the deck."