Celebrating 20 Years in Business

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Katrina Christ 20 years in business

Happy 2016 !

There is so much to celebrate this year !

I have never been great at truly celebrating my achievements, I have my own internal fist pump moment YAYYYYYYYYY and then I seem to move on


this year marks my 20th year in business and I want to celebrate all year!

Firstly I am so ridiculously proud of this but most of all so excited that I am still so in love with what I do.

Apparently we are in the top 3% of small business in Australia that make it this far 
I have over these past 20 years employed wonderful wonderful staff to help me grow this beautiful business.
I am proud to have created jobs for photographers in an industry where jobs are few and far between 
I am proud to have a successful franchise in Melbourne that is currently in its 10th year.
I am proud to have been a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards just after the birth of my 3rd daughter and again the next year.
I am proud to have achieved my Master in Photographer within the AIPP.

Throughout these last 20 years I have had as I said 3 daughters and the most supportive husband who stayed home to raise our children to allow me to fulfill my dream. He was the only dad we knew back then doing this and came with its own challenges

I have struggled with the balance of work home family as you all have and hope I have it as right as I can, I work less now than I did when my girls were little and I have decided as teenagers they need me more now. We do our best as parents don't we!?

I love people. I am a people person!

I am blessed that I am in a role where I meet wonderful new families every day. I am blessed that you ask me back again and again!
I am invited into your homes and you share your family with me.
This for me is a reward because this is intimate family time and you let me in. 

You probably don't know this but you touch my life and I hope that in some way I touch yours.

So Thankyou for being a part of our last 20 years. 
Thankyou for choosing us to photograph the most precious people in your life.

We celebrate with YOU 
Katrina 😘😘😘