Brisbane Family Photos

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Behind the scense Brisbane Photographer
Family and newborn portraits brisbane

As soon as I arrived at the home of this lovely Brisbane family, I felt so relaxed, as the beautiful and cheerful MUM OF FOUR Jacqui came to the door and greeted me. Her sweet baby girl Eliana was still asleep and her three boys at school, so we had a little chat and settled into the morning. We began the shoot with some beautiful feeding photographs our little leading lady - being cute requires a full tummy!! And from there followed many beautiful moments with Mummy, Daddy and Jacqui's lovely sister Kelly who dropped by for some Aunty cuddles :) Eliana was SUCH a strong leading lady and has the most beautiful little eyes and loves staring at Daddy! (and also pooing and weeing on him!). She loves being held tightly and wrapped up so we had to be a bit inventive to capture Eliana by herself, with Dad and Aunty jumping in to assist Mum!

My favourite moment of the shoot was when Jacqui & John decided to have some photos together as a couple. They were kissing and giggling and teasing each other in a way only two deeply in love people would :) Hopefully we can meet your beautiful boys next time! xxx