2015 is going to be a cracker of a year - Brisbane Photographer

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Sydney Photographer Family Portraits

2015 is going to be a cracker of a year , I can just feel it !!!
First things first, the party is over, Christmas, new year and then my birthday. I can't get back into my groove until these are all over and now I need my routine. 
I am determined to stretch more so I am booking into yoga (no really this time I am determined, I don't love it like some but I really see the benefits of stretching)
Oh and lose the kilos I put back on , dammit grrrrrr!
Cook more ...... don't love this either but should do more.
Learn more... I love to learn, always on the look out.
Book a trip to New York .. I am so desperate to go and it keeps popping up in my life :)
More time and fun with my gorgeous girls
Dates with Andy <3

Best of all keep PHOTOGRAPHING all you beautiful families. this is what makes me happy in my work.

Last year in March we started on Instagram which was another new challenge , love it. follow us here if you haven't already.