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Happy Mother's Day

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brisbane photographer - katrina christ photography
brisbane photographer - katrina christ

Awwwwww can't resist sharing these photos.
My eldest, Izzy, would have been 2 and half years old and Mez is only about 2 weeks old.
She was born at 10 pound 9 and only just fit into a newborn nappy!! From birth Mez slept from 6pm till 3am, bless her, my others were terrible sleepers !

And for the finale ...
The photo of the 3 kids - that is my brother Shaun, sister Jo and me. This was probably taken in the early 1970s by a traveling photographer. He had his work cut out for him 😁
Hilarious I love it so much ❤️

I hope you've all had a beautiful Mother's Day xoxo

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