Master Photographer - Katrina Christ - Specialist in Family Portraiture since 1996

Katrina Christ

                                  Why choose Katrina Christ?

When you choose Katrina Christ Photographer you are choosing a Professional Photographer with over 25 + years experience 

I completed my Associate Diploma in Applied Photography at Griffith University 1990-1994, working full-time at a Kodak Minilab / Imagery  in Stones Corner and going to Uni four nights a week.  I was completely absorbed in learning and knew instinctively that I would one day have my own studio!

I have won many National and International Awards and achieved my Master of Photography in 2011.

My passion is people , my aim is to create a space where you can really connect with each other and I make sure I capture that.

You can leave it completely up to me to direct you, this is what I do and I am the expert in this area!

I know how much you do for your family, how you look after them physically, practically and emotionally! 

Take a break , let me look after you for a bit, allow me to create something so beautiful and everlasting for you, created with so much love.

Katrina Christ - lover of people - genuine - generous - honest - champion of women - creator of memories -story teller

A recent email from one of my beautiful clients that ended with  " thank you Katrina, you are one of life’s enhancers!"


A little about my story

I was your typical little bush kid who loved searching for stones, playing with the menagerie of farm animals, helping dad in the yard or mustering on the motor bikes. Thankfully I have married a wonderful cook as I was a bit of a tomboy and never really spent much time in the kitchen.

We spent our childhood on properties outside Tambo ,Mitchell and then Aramac.

We were primary School of The Air kids, and then  started lots of long bus trips to boarding school at Downlands in Toowoomba.

When I finished high school in Toowoomba and not being entirely sure of what I wanted to do, I decided to travel and let it work itself out!

To cut a long story short, after an amazing two years of traveling through Europe and working as a nanny in London I returned to Australia for my brother’s wedding. After chatting with a careers adviser, I decided to apply to Queensland College of Art to study photography.

I spent the next four years rushing between full-time work and study, often until late in the night, but I had realised my passion and would do anything to achieve this. In my final year of study I married my best friend Andy.

The next stage in my life was starting my business and having babies – at the same time! In 1996 Katrina Christ Photographer, was born!. The challenge of balance between starting a business and family was tricky, thank god for wonderful husbands.

In 2001 I  decided to specialise in b/w family portraiture. All of my blood, sweat and tears paid off because the business took off.

We have three gorgeous girls and two crazy dogs, and wonderful family and friends.

I started in 1996 and now 25+ years later, I can say hand on my heart I am still as passionate as ever about photographing families.

Thank you to all my gorgeous family and friends, staff and the most beautiful customers ever. Love you lots.

Katrina X 

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