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Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy is such a fleeting time in your life and so important to document for both you and your baby-to-be.

The amazing shape of your ever-expanding belly; the reminder of your wee little baby growing inside you as he or she kicks and wriggles and causes all sorts of discomfort along the way!  

From that first moment of discovering your pregnancy, through to the last nervously exciting days before your baby arrives, being pregnant is such a magical and privileged journey - this time is so precious.

We make it easy photographing you in the comfort of our studio and included is a beautiful natural makeup for mum to be.

Whilst it easy to believe you will always remember your pregnancy, once your baby (or babies!) arrive, you quickly do forget. Katrina Christ Photographer pregnancy photography is a perfect memory and keepsake to share with your children as they grow up. xxx

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