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Childrens' Photographer

At 18 months old, your wee babe is now a terrific toddler.  And we bet that they are loads of fun, charging at life at a cracking pace or perhaps obsessed with books, cuddles and tickles.

Ah, the terrible 2’s.  Your cheeky toddler may also be challenging, but this is my favourite age. Try as you might, you just can’t reason with a two year but this is exactly why they are so much FUN.

Does your 3-4 year old ever stop talking? Mine didn’t either!  They are such gorgeous little explorers, so inquisitive and with so much to say!

From 5 years and older,they love hamming up for the camera and may show us their best model poses!  They may have just started their first year of school… where did that baby go?  

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