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Baby Photographer

Katrina Christ Photographer is synonymous with baby photography.

At 3 months of age babies are fabulous to photograph with all their chunkiness and squishiness! Lying on their back gazing up at you or mastering the art of tummy time.

At 6 months your baby may be sitting up, or rolling over.  Their personality is emerging more every day and photographing a 6 month old baby is so much fun!

By 9 months your darling baby might be crawling – or commando crawling, or bum shuffling! They are so pleased with themselves; what’s not to love! 

Reaching 1 yr is an occasion well worth celebrating for the whole family. What better way to celebrate that than capturing photos on the very day itself?  Your baby may be proudly showing off their walking or rather wobbly running skills, but each baby is so different. 

Baby Photographer Brisbane