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Baby Photographer in Brisbane

As life takes hold, your picture will bring back the smell of their breath and the feel of their newborn skin. As you fall in love with your little one, we will find that picture!

Around the 3 month stage they are so lovely and chubby and squigy, their personality can already be seen.

Photographing a 6 month old baby is super fun, they might be sitting up by then, rolling over and are very interactive and playful.

Baby at 9 months, well, I am a sucker for sucking toes and feet, too cute. I love that they are so pleased with themselves. They might be crawling by now too. Clever little things xxx

1 year old and what a milestone, walking or sometimes running by this stage, they are all different. My first walked at 9 months and my second daughter walked at 13months.

 Baby Photography Brisbane