I feel very proud to be a part of something so close to my heart.

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Katrina posted of Facebook on the 4th August:

"I grew up in central Queensland, and was home schooled from year 4-7. We were too far from town to attend the local school and so mum home schooled us as well as being involved daily in School of the Air!
We only met our fellow school of the air mates once a year at the Charleville Sports day
As kids growing up on the land we would get our school work done as fast as we could and then head out to help dad with the mustering. 
Even though this was a long time ago, kids on the land are still working with their families and helping out on the family property.
Today was a wonderful way to raise $ for all kids out west to have an iPad in which to carry with them and continue their schooling. 
I feel very proud to be a part of something so close to my heart."

Today we receive this beautiful email from Jane:

Dear Aleisha and Katrina,

I am writing to sincerely thank you for your support of the RNA Fundraiser.
As you know, financial support is vital for the success of a charity fundraiser. Your fabulous ‘Photographic Session’ certainly contributed to us achieving this aim. The Finance Department has informed me that the event raised just over $40,000.00 for our cause. I can’t stress enough how very grateful we are to all those who played their part in helping to bring off a result which is even better than last year’s!!! 

We will be contacting the Mt Isa and Charters Towers Schools of Distance Education, about the providing of iPads, in the next few weeks."

Yay!!! Click the link to watch the videos on Children who have received their iPads.