Katrina's Philosophy - Brisbane Photographer full circle

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"When we were children, there weren't any family photos on the walls in our home," says Katrina. So one day when a travelling photographer rolled into her tiny country town, the Cochran children's Sunday bests were ironed, their hair begrudgingly brushed and each pose carefully arranged on that traditional mottled background. Unfortunately, the resulting photo was not the image of perfect porcelain angels their poor mum had envisioned (and that were so popular in those days). Thumbs were being sucked. The siblings wore the scowls of children recently reprimanded for having hunched shoulders. "But it was authentic, and looking back at that picture always makes me laugh."

It was this ideal Katrina carried through to her business. What's wrong with capturing the thumb and the scowl? It's not to say a child won't grow out of the habit. But it captures the essence of who they are in that moment.

Coming full circle, Katrina recently rediscovered a photograph of her own teenage daughter Cameron as a toddler, sucking on her thumb and clutching an old pillow. It jogged a long dormant memory:

"Until then I had completely forgotten about that pillow - the one Cammy just had to take everywhere. To the park, out shopping...just EVERYWHERE."

The stories behind our photos can be just as fascinating as the images themselves.