Beautiful girls, so close to my heart - Brisbane photographer

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Love love love this little Family. Mandy and Fi are the most gorgeous sisters and have been close girlfriends of mine forever. I have been so super lucky to be part of Mandy and her husband, Glenn's, journey having TWINS! The beautiful Emmy & Izzy - I have photographed them since they were born and I love them and their cuteness. This photo shoot in my studio was actually a surprise from Mandy & Fi for their mother, the divine Valmae. The girls and I organised for the beautiful Brisbane Make-up Melissa Coleman, to come to our studio to treat Valmae and her girls to a gorgeous make-up and WOW they looked so beautiful. This was such a lovely gift idea for their Mum - to be pampered with her Daughters and Granddaughters. The girls popped a bottle of champagne and giggled all morning while they were each photographed with their Mum, each other, and of course the cheeky twins! Valmae hasn't been photographed with her daughters since their confirmation as little babies!! Now she has these amazing (and hilarious) moments to look back on of her with her daughters & granddaughters. This is such a special keepsake for Emmy & Izzy for when they grow up to look back at this experience they had with Mummy, Aunty & Grandma xxx