Cutest Brisbane Baby!

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Xavier is such a big boy now - they grow so quickly from being these tiny little newborns into these amazing little people who absorb everything happening around them. This little man is very curious and the happiest of bubs! He has now passed the 6 month mark and you should see what he can do! He can sit all by himself (or course with stunt Mum & Dad waiting to catch him if he starts to teeter one way), he loves eating his toes and playing with the poppies in the grass outside. He was looking around at the trees and sky outside at his photo shoot, so Mum and Dad decided to have a little fun and play throwsies into the air! Every little kid loves the adventure of flying up into the air. This little Brisbane boy is full of smiles and I think he just loves chilling out with Mum and Dad, showing them how much he is learning every day!