Nadia Vitetta - Intuitive Bodywork and Restorative Yoga

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Say HELLO to the gorgeous Nadia of  "Nadia Vitetta - Intuitive Bodywork and Restorative Yoga". As soon as she walked into our studio you could feel the calm. She had a lovely big smile on her face and is such a gentle soul. It is always inspiring to see someone passionate not only about starting their own business, but also about helping others to be healthy in their lives. Here are a few words from Nadia about the magnificent work she does:

"I do intuitive body work which  combines  remedial + therapeutic massage and craniosacral therapy. I also teach restorative yoga.  I started to head down this path of healing because i was blessed to have met a teacher who actually made a difference to my body + mind like noone else had before,  which truly inspired me. With the combination of the 2 modalities, it now allows me to share that with others and I feel so lucky to get to do something i love everyday that brings more balance and peace to people. It's a beautiful feeling!"