Corporate Head Photos - Brisbane

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Katrina had the absolute pleasure of spending a morning with Tracey Mathers and creating amazing head shots for her.

This is Tracey's account of the day :) :)

"I had the most fantastic day this week. I had a girly day (nope I never have them). I had my hair done, my make-up done, I had never had my make-up done not even for my wedding my sister did my make-up for my wedding I think. So I am wanting to get a few woman together every month and we can do things together we would love to learn more about. I am going to start with the beautiful make-up artist Melissa Coleman. While I was listening to her reasoning of why she was doing what she was doing to make me look better I thought why have I never taken an interest in this before. So I am going to pay for her to come to one of my stores and have a few drinks and nibbles and get her to teach us some of her secrets. I don't know about you but my make-up takes me about 30 seconds to do in the morning, and that certainly shows bhaaaaa."