Day in a life of Brisbane Photographer

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I am feeling very blessed.

Best job ever !!!!

This was my day last Friday...

7am photo shoot- Sneak peek photo coming later today (facebook)

10am Newborn, toddler and family portrait shoot - they made me a beautiful open sandwich and amazing German tea after. Yummm thank you so much! (otherwise probably would not have had lunch at all today)

12.30pm Viewing -  Gorgeous new parents and their girl Ayla xxx

2pm - Time to regroup, download & edit.

3pm - Family portrait shoot for some old wedding clients of mine - sneak peak on Facebook 

Our days are never the same which I love!
All our families are beautiful.
My staff are fantastic, thanks girls I know it has been a crazy week, you all do an amazing job xx

Have an awesome weekend
Katrina xxxx