Baby photography - Sleeping babes...

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I first met Shelly when she was in early stages of pregnancy.  While she was actually enquiring about a shoot with us we spent most of the time chatting about babies, birth, work (and juggling babies) and everything else about impending motherhood.   It was so great to see Shelly again as mummy (although I sadly didn’t get to meet the beautiful miss Aubrey – a family name that was given to her – when we met up to look through her images​. And Shelly, I have to say, I’d never pick that you are a new mum, in the middle of sleepless nights and never ending nappy changes, you still have the same exuberant energy as when we met!   This image from Shelly’s Signature black and white collection is my favourite; a calm and sleepy Aubrey, with lashes to die for!