AIPP Award winning print with Katrina Christ Photographer

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This shot has become iconic and much loved
and as usual there is a cracker of a story behind it. So I am photographing  this gorgeous Brisbane Familyand then I notice that inside the sliding doors, two of their fabulous cats are asleep on one of their armchairs........ eek my minds starts to spin, what if what if .......... I am getting a great idea. WHAT IF I push the chairs together and place the baby on the chair OMG how amazing could that look.

Ok slow down , we slide the doors open very slowly and as quietly as we can and even more carefully push the two chairs together.

Once the baby is popped down I start photographing and it's so exciting , I am beside myself !!

and then this happened. UNBELIEVABLE 
This is a photographers dream , the moment, one of the very reasons I don't take the camera away from my eye
It went on to win an award at AIPP , there was a discussion about whether it had been photographed separately and photo shopped together.

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