It's a Digital World - But it started with Film - Part 1

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I've spent the last few months researching what is happening in our industry.

In the last twenty years in business there has been huge change and growth, I thought it might be good to document my time.

I graduated from Griffith University in 1994 and  started my business in 1996. I  was shooting film , I would buy 40 rolls of Tmax 400 from Photo Continental and store it in my fridge until I needed it. After a shoot I would drop it off to my lab in Fortitude Valley, then go back a few days later to pick up the proofs and negs. Then I would show them one by one projected up on a wall to my clients and from these proofs we would select favourites. Using a big square coffee table we would put the proofs together to create a story in a framed series. The only products I offered back then was unframed or framed, pretty simple.

From that design appointment I would again drive back to my lab in  the valley where they would Hand Print my photos in the dark room, honestly the skill level for hand printing was incredible , I wouldn't attempt it - it was a real art and not many could do what my lab provided. I didn't want to spend my time in a dark room where I couldn't talk to people, and so it was perfect arrangement for many years. business was growing so much that

a) the lab couldn't t keep up with my work and

b) Kodak stopped  making the film I used and the substitutes were inferior.