Raising little boys, including twins!

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Oh my goodness, a little blondie and a little red-haired = the most gorgeous and mischievous twins! These two cheeky monkeys have just welcomes a 3rd little brother into the world. I have to say, Mum is completely relaxed and doing an AMAZING job with three boys under 2 years old, after c-sections too!! She really is amazing and has a lovely family network supporting her, hubby and their three gorgeous boys! It was a treat having Fama (Father's mothers - hehehe) and Poppy there - they were a huge help and got lots of giggles out of the boys! The day was all about newborn, Lewis and also capturing him with his brothers in their FAVOURITE red wagon! It was a lovely afternoon of playing outside and capturing some precious candid moments of these brothers! We can't wait to show you more of these amazing moments :)