We are a collection point for Share the Dignity

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<3 <3 We are a collection point for Share the Dignity ! <3 <3
ONE GIFT can make a huge difference in the life of
ONE WOMAN this Christmas.
We are asking YOU and every woman you know to grab a handbag, pop in some sanitary items, some essentials and then some things that you think every woman should have in her handbag. You are only limited by your handbag size, imagination and budget.
It is Share the Dignity's goal in Australia to collect 52,000 handbags to ensure every woman spending this Christmas in a homeless shelter, domestic violence refuge, mental health facility or poverty stricken home receives a BIG WARM HUG in the form of a #itsinthebag xmas gift.
To help reach this number please share this post and leave us a heart below so that we can together Share the Dignity. We cant wait to see your photos and pass on your kind donations. Use your hashtag #itsinthebag #sharethedignity
So to find your closest collection point please head to www.sharethedignity.com.au
We are open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm.

Share the dignity