Twins! LOVE!

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We have said it before and we'll say it again - we LOVE twins! We often have our lovely parents call our photographic studio to tell us all about the special little person (or people) who have just entered their world.... and changed it forever. We often hear about little boys arriving, but this photo shoot was special with TWO little baby girls, welcomed by these VERY proud and natural parents. Mum & Dad had already adapted to the 'tag-teaming' routine required when you have twins and are lucky enough to have loving Grandparents who adore their new little grand-daughters (and the twinnies adore them too). They were so little at 10 weeks of age, after arriving 5 weeks early and spending some time in the special care nursery, they were so delicate. After watching a feed though I think they will grow into strong little ladies in no time! So sweet!