Why choose us? Brisbane photographer travels to your home

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Long car rides, the stress of navigating to an unfamiliar address, packing tote bags so they're bursting at the seam with snacks, nappies and toys, extra clothes - any family knows how exhausting travel can be. That's why we come to you. We'd much rather you to spend all that energy having fun at your shoot instead.

The benefits of having a photo shoot in the family home don't end at simple convenience. Children feel more secure in familiar surroundings. The gruffest blokes can relax and just be 'dad.' Most of all, it's intimate. There are no unfamiliar rooms, hot lights, or strange teams of people bustling around in the background.

We don't create a facade. We help people lose their mask. A shoot is never about forcing people to do things they're uncomfortable with, but about allowing them to be themselves.

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