LUCKIEST Grandmother - 3 grandsons in 6 months - Brisbane Photographer

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On the weekend I was fortunate to photograph this special occasion. What an amazing moment to have all these new members of this family together in Brisbane.

How wonderful for the kids to each have children all around the same time.​ Baby Benjamin 5 weeks, who slept for the majority of the time. Four month old cuddly Alex and the leader of this little group is 6 month old Christopher.

The beautiful mother of Benjamin, Natalie, said to us:-

“I’m gifting this package for my mum in law's birthday to have a beautiful family portrait and some lovely prints with the whole family in Brisbane: because she gained three grandsons in 6 months”.

3 little boys, destined to become such close cousins as they grow up together. 

Having the whole family together is so special, a morning to celebrate and be together.

Family Photography, my absolute passion.

Katrina xx