Baby Photos Brisbane

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Beautiful Brisbane baby boy Jamie is the cutest little cuddle bug! He was quite a sleepy little fellow at his photo shoot - stopping for the occasional cuddle and feed, and my gosh he made the cutest little squeaks whilst feeding, he was absolutely adorable! He also had his own little blanket from close friends & family, that was custom made with his name! The lucky little man also had his Grandma visiting from Ireland and has been skyping with his Granddad who is still in Ireland, every day! I love that Mum & Dad are making sure Jamie's Grandparents are so involved in his life, despite being overseas. It is such an important relationship to have.

Mum & Dad, who are both Irish, met here in Australia and now call Brisbane home - what an awesome love story! They were so relaxed on the day and I could see the love just beaming from them at their photo shoot. Jamie is heading back to Ireland soon for a family visit and I am sure there will be no shortage of cuddles. I was lucky enough to see Jamie when his parents visited the studio to collect their gorgeous artwork and he has grown so much, congratulations Orna and Graham on such a beautiful little baby boy and for the opportunity to capture his calm little nature. xoxo