Cute video inside - newborn & siblings

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Janene and Steve had a family photo shoot with us a few years ago, with their two daughters Isobel & Ava. They loved it so much that when little Hudson came along they couldn't wait to update their family portrait. (By the way, Isobel and Ava love to dote over their new baby brother.)
Janene loves being a parent and said, "One of my favourite things is watching each child's personality grow, they are so individual and they each have their own endearing quirkiness".
Lannie, who was also their photographer for their first photo shoot, did an amazing job capturing the moment! It was particularly funny during the nuddie shots of Hudson, when he did a little whoopsie while Janene was holding him and Steve couldn't stop laughing as he tried to clean up the mess! Janene also mentioned, "It was great to watch the girl's having so much fun playing and laughing with their Dad...they
were so excited."
Janene and Steve love our work and said "We first saw Katrina Christ's work displayed at Mamma's Home, they really know how to capture the uniqueness of every family. It's not the standard photography, it really captures the moment that you will remember forever!."


"We are going to display our new series of framed photos in our hallway, along with the photos from our first shoot", Janene said. When we asked if they would recommend us, they said "Yes, we already have!!!, everyone always comments on our family photos when they come over, the family portraits speak for themselves."

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