Kids Party Ideas - Themes and inviations - children photographer Sydney - part 3

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Kids Party Ideas - Themes and invitations - children photographer Sydney - part 3

When it comes to birthday party themes and invites don't be afraid to ask your child what they want? Who is their favouriate cartoon character? What movies to they love to watch, who is their super hero and what is their favouriate colour?

Your child may already have his heart set on a theme but if not, here are some ideas:

  • Tea Party - Pretty dresses and lots of cute cakes & tea cups

  • Garden party - bumble bees,  garden fairies , butterflies and lady bugs

  • Pirate party - pirates , anything with skull and crossbones on it and other swashbuckling outfits

  • Harry Potter party - witches, wizards , Hogwarts students and dragons
  • Under the sea party - mermaids, mermen, Ariel and all creatures that live under water

  • Fairy party - think tutus paired with wings, fairy costumes and Tinkerbell outfits

  • Letter party - pick a letter, say 'F' and dress in all things starting with this letter - Firefighter, fairy or fortune teller  

  • Princess party -  fairytale princesses, queen outfits, tiaras and LOTS of glitter!

  • Superhero party - Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or basically any hero with a cape

  • Pink or purple party - dress head-to-toe in your favourite colour

    I love designing my own party invitations, so if you have the time and the know-how don't be afraid to put those skills to good use. It's always a good idea to give everyone lots of notice and to base the invite design on the theme and colours of the party. Remember when handing out invites, try not to hand them out in front of other kids, especially if they are not invited. When possible send the invites out in the mail or give them personally to the kids parents. Decide if you are going to have paper invites or virtual invites sent via email? Also decide on a reasonable RSVP date and let people know if they should bring presents or not? There is nothing worse than not knowing and turning up with a gift or even worse without one!!

    Stay tuned next week for kids party games!!