Family and Pet Photographer Brisbane

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Little Poppy is Helen and Jimmy's first bub and was 4 months old for her first photo shoot. When we asked them how they would describe her, Helen said "She is a super-human baby!!! She is so content, happy and satisfied all the time. If I could sum her up in two words it would be addictive-ally adorable".

Helen and Jimmy wanted to capture Poppy at this particular time, as her hair colour was changing from dark to a little blonde/reddish colour. They found this quite surprising as they both have blonde and reddish hair!!! Helen said "It was funny to see her born with dark hair because no one else in the family has dark hair!!".

They both just love being new parents, Helen loves that it lets them be in the moment and the little insignificant things disappear. Helen goes on to say "It's a learning experience, I have learnt so much over the last year and half, it's just mind blowing".

Helen and Jimmy also had their little puppy, Leo, at their photo shoot and said "he just loved the attention, out photographer Lannie made the whole experience happy and fun. We felt natural and at ease during the shoot."

They were given a gift voucher from Helen's sister, who has also had a photo shoot with us, she had such a wonderful experience with us, that she wanted Helen and Jimmy to have the same! 

Helen and Jimmy purchased some gorgeous prints and are going to share them with their family, "Family is so important to us and its nice to give them a beautiful memory to keep", Helen remarked.

Helen and Jimmy would definitely recommend us to their family and friends "It's a great and fun experience for all".