Ideas for toddler's birthday parties - taking better photos - Sydney family and children photographer - Part 1

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Ideas for toddler's birthday parties - taking better photos - Sydney family and children photographer - Part 1

After many chat's with girlfriends about hosting their toddlers birthday parties, I thought I would share some wonderful ideas that my girlfriend's and I have come up with!!! There are so many things to consider and so many fantastic ideas to inspire and let your imagination run themes, games, cakes, invites, decorations and party bags etc. I have found so much to discuss and write about, that over the next few weeks I have decided to share some of these ideas with you all...

Of course, one of my first tips I gave to my friends was secrets on how to take better photos at children's birthday parties!!!

Here are a few pointers to consider when taking photos of children:

Candid or Posed - Many people love (especially the older generation) posed portraits when everyone is smiling and looking towards the camera. Why not try to capture those special moments in between, they can really bring out the emotion of the day and you will see the kid's personalities shine through. Always be on the look out for these moments and don't be afraid to snap away when the kids aren't looking!

Look for the best light - Many people think that the best light is full sun on a subject to take a good photo. This is not the case, in fact this can be the harshest and hardest light to deal with, if you don't know what you're doing. When possible photograph subjects in the shade or find even light. This will stop people from squinting and also stop those harsh shadows on people's faces. If you are out doors or inside with enough natural light, use this light to your advantage and avoid using the camera flash when possible.

Use different perspectives - Many of us are used to taking photos from our own height and vantage point. Remember when looking at kids, us adults are always looking down on them. You will find by kneeling down to their level (or even lower), you will get a different perspective and see everything as they see it. It really is a different view on the world! You could even try the opposite and stand on a chair or wall to get a birds eye view. Also try standing back for some wider angles and zoom in for some close up shots...this will make your birthday photo album much more interesting, rather than all the photos being taken from the same vantage point.

Stay tuned next week, I will be sharing some great ideas about toddlers birthday cakes!