Pregnancy & Newborn photography Brisbane

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 Pregnancy & Newborn photography Brisbane
Tanita & Luke had both their pregnancy and newborn photo shoot with us. This is their first child and they wanted to capture the special moment of just the two of them before their new little bub arrived. It was therefore, so important to them to also capture Ivy in the first few months while she was still tiny. Tanita said "The time goes by so fast!!! it's so important to remember this special period while you're falling in love with you're new bub.
"There are so many things I love about being a parent" Tanita says "It can be really challenging at times, but so rewarding when you see your child smiling and responding to you. I love the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside, it's the best thing we have ever done!!"
Some funny moments during the shoot was seeing how their little puppy, Holly, interacted with little Ivy...Holly was a bit unsure of Ivy at first, but now she is her protector and Tanita thinks they will grow up to be best of friends.
Tanita says she loves our style of work because they are true and honest photographs, not posed or fake. "Our photographer Sarah was great at making us feel at ease, we were a little nervous at first, but soon the nerves left and we felt ourselves and relaxed".
Tanita and Luke purchased some beautiful prints from their pregnancy shoot and some gorgeous framed prints to hang on their walls at home. When asked if they would recommend us, "Most definitely!!! Katrina Christ Photographer has very professional and friendly service, they are family orientated, which is what people want!!"