Family Photographer Brisbane

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Family Photographer Brisbane

Our awesome Brisbane photographer Sarah photographed this gorgeous family for their first ever family portrait sitting.

Cate and Doug have a gorgeous little boy who has blonde hair and big blue eyes and his name is Will. Will is 4 years old, is laid back, loves being active outdoors and loves water.

Will's mum, Cate told us ' I really wanted to have family photos taken before Will got too much older and started school.' She went on to explain how amazing Sarah was with Will, "he can be really shy, and she was lovely and really relaxed with him. "

When asked what she loves about being a parent, she said its is a real privilege to watch him grow, and now has a funny personality, he says funny things!

Will absolutely LOVES the photographs, he always talks about them and says 'Look, Mummy this is my family.' 'He is so proud' says Cate.

Awwww this is this cutest thing!! What a gorgeous family. We love capturing memories for them to cherish!

ps. THANK YOU for your thank you card we received in the post - what a thoughtful and lovely surprise.