Wilston Family Photographer

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 Wilston Family Photographer 

Meet the beautiful and busy kids of the Dawson Family. Charlotte who is 5 and half has just finished prep and Mum, Catherine, describes her as her princess! Then there is the boys,  twins WIlliam & Xavier, who are 2 and half and are just a whole heap of energy and who are very very excited for kindy next year!

Catherine had pregnancy photos and then family portraits taken when the boys were newborn . Katrina has even entered one of Catherine's images into the AIPP and received awards for them - the images are truly stunning!  Catherine decided to have another professional photo session to capture the boys at their age as they grow up tooo fast, as a traditional she orders beautiful keepsake photo boxes with the kids images on the front!

When asked what she loves most about parenthood, Catherine replied, "it is gives you a good perspective of life and what's important. She also loves seeing the world through kids eyes!"

Here is a link to the Dawson's family's last lot of photos, so you to can see how much the boys have grown :)

Merry Christmas!