Brisbane Family Photos - Hendra

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 I’ve been photographing the beautiful Simpson family Portrait’s for them since their first baby, Jack was born. The first photo shoot was so sweet; jack was 6 months old, a chubby bubbly and very cuddly. The image below is one of the large “metallic Acrylic” that they chose, which just was perfect for depicting, this sweet natured little boy. I then went on to photograph their second little boy Harry who was around that 15 month stage with a very cheeky personality from the get go! What a high paced shoot that was with 2 little boys under the age of 4 it was tackle, tickle, run away , giggle & wiggle ha! I remember Chanelle saying well this a little different to the first portrait shoot! “There were so many fun interactive shots of the boys & so they decided to put together a beautiful Metallic acrylic that showed of the personality of the boys & their interaction at this Stage of their life see image below! A few months later we did a generation shoot for Chanelle’s family! She has got the loveliest & most welcoming family they are all super cute. I feel so appreciative to be invited back so many times over the years!

Chanelle & Simon had a little girl 2 years later! - Yay We did a few shots when she was a newborn but also really wanted to capture her at that 2 year stage! The most recent photo shoot was a cracker! Hilarious entertainment! We Danced! Ninja chopped! Shacked our booties! Chased each other & the new chickens! Tackled & tickled. Little Grace has got to be the grooviest little dancer out! She was rocking out her wobbly hip moves to the groove of the music. We have put together a fun series which will hang next to the one of the boys - click here to view their photo wall.


Lannie xx