Sydney family portraits - Forestville Sydney

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 Sydney family portraits - Forestville Sydney

Meet the Lecat family who won a beautiful gift voucher at the John Colet School fundraiser. Mum and Dad, (Isabelle & Pierre) were very excited to win the voucher, as they are both celebrating big birthdays this year and this meant it was the perfect opportunity to update their family photos.

Pierre-Louis, Emmanuel and Alex are all full of energy, mischievous, but kind hearted children. Isabelle remarked, "they tend to be shy in pictures and don't like to draw to much attention to themselves". Isabelle remembers there was a lot of tickling going on to help bring out those natural smiles.

Isabelle and Pierre love being parents, they love every minute of it! They enjoy not knowing what the next day will bring and said "we marvel just watching our children grow from babies to young adults". 

When asked what drew them to our style of artwork, they remarked "we like the purity and simplicity of black and white, which enhances the personality and brings it to it's natural beauty".

The Lecat family are from France and can't wait to share their family photos with their loved ones overseas!