Baby Photographer - Newstead, Brisbane

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I had the ultimate pleasure of capturing the Turley's family photo shoot with their first baby Maggie who was just 3 weeks old at the time
'I fell in love with her and, meeting Maggie made me so clucky! Before I just wanted a dog, and they had both! A border collie named Gypsie who is protective with Maggie. She gets upset when Maggie is upset.
Mum, Beth told me Maggie pulls facial expressions like her great grandmother. She is also a great feeder and misses her when Beth leaves the house (awww).
The Turley family had the shoot done at this particular time to capture Maggie whilst she was brand new. They really wanted some amazing family photos to mark the special time when they officially became a full family.
Beth says she loves being a parent with the joy she gets with the lovely smiles she gets from baby Maggie, and now she is now interactive.
Beth told me 'The most memorable moment from the photo shoot is when we was all lying on the floor cheek to cheek and all cuddling'.
Ed and Beth was recommended by a old school friend who used to work in the same building as Katrina and who had all of her family photos taken with us.
The Turley family have ordered an amazing collection of images!! They will be displayed in the long hallway and above the TV.
Beth would happily recommend us as we have a great eye and it was nice and convenient that you came to our house.
Their perfect day as a family would be having a sleep in til 9am, head out and visit people, maybe a spot of lunch out and have a quiet afternoon at home with a nap thrown in. More importantly having two 4 hr sleeps!!
The thought of being sleep deprived makes me slightly less clucky, but not much.
I love my job and never feels like I am working, being able to spend time capturing families memories.
Stacey xxx