Baby Photos Brisbane - Capturing the love

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Olivia was just 6 weeks old at the time of her portrait sitting, Mum, Emily really wanted to get newborn pictures. She googled us and was also referred to us by a friend who used to be a photographer. 'I am so glad I organised a newborn shoot' Emily tells us. 

Olivia who is now 3 months old is fun, loving, loves to smile and she tries and have a chat. 'I love being a parent with all of the smiles and cuddles I get'.

The most memorable moment from their family portrait sitting was when Olivia was sitting up and her mum had her arm around her and Olivia just looked so happy and content and was smiling. 'I just thought it was a great moment' Emily told us.

Their perfect day together would be sitting out in the sun in the morning and having breakfast, then have a play and a cuddle. Then walk then dog in the afternoon.

The finished artwork that the Baxter family ordered will be going in the family room and the nudie ones in her bedroom. Also a copy of them for each set of grandparents - such a thoughtful gift!
One word Emily says would describe them as a family would be ESTATIC, we are just so happy we have her.

Awww we love being able to capture the happiness of families together. Capturing the love :)