Toddler photographs Melbourne - our friend Sam!

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Rachel and I were arguing over who Sam loved most between the two of us, and while he didn't give us an answer he was holding my hand at the time, so I'm pretty sure it's obvious who he is best buddies with!

I think Sam's mum and dad were a little surprised to see how many awesome shots our photographer captured of him at his family shoot, along with his beautiful baby sister Emma, but to me it looked as though butter could not melt in his mouth!  (There was a slightly different version of the story that his mum filled on).

What we love best is when our clients are absolutely and positively wowed by our images - even before they see them in their finished stages.  Thank you Sam and Ben for choosing Katrina Christ Photographer, I loved meeting you all!  Nami


Want a family shoot for free? You can if if you’ve been referred to us Ben, Tish, Sam and Emma. Just book within 2 weeks of this post mention their name when booking. Call 9819 9988 to book within 2 weeks of this post and receive an extra gift enlargement valued at $185! *Melbourne studio only. Or enquire HERE.