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Katrina had so much fun photographing the Schlinker family's portraits. The Schlinker family is made up of Mum,  Andrea, Dad, Rob and their two boys Tom & Oliver

To describe them as a family, they are loving, active and the kids revel in family time especially around the dinner table were they get to chat and talk about their day!

'We chose to have our family portrait sitting at this time because we didn't have any family photos. Our neighbours have had their family & pet portraits taken by Katrina Christ Photographer also. The boys are a little difficult to photograph and always pull ridiculous faces, ha!' explains Andrea. Tom is 10 years old and Andrea really wanted photos of Tom as a boy before he reaches the teenage years.

Andrea & Rob were so surprised at how enthusiastic the boys were, they really enjoyed the portrait shoot. Tom & Oliver loved showing Katrina their favourite places in and around their home and even climbed up the neighborhood tree for a photo!

The amazing brushed metal (of the family portrait above) they ordered will be displayed in their bedroom and the desktop metallic (of their beautiful boys) in the lounge.

We love being able to capture a family's portrait, they are so precious to have.