Brisbane Baby Photos - Generation Portraits

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 The Keys family had their family portrait sitting with us when baby Sam was just 3.5 months old. Sam was a few weeks premature when born but his is 7 months old and can sit up and also feeds himself (messy!)

'We decided to have a family shoot done at this particular time as my grandmother was visiting from NZ, which is Sam's great grandmother. So we thought it would be brilliant to capture a four generation photo' explains Jenny.

Jen goes on to tell us what she loves about being a parent, ' EVERYTHING! It's an amazing transition, I wonder what I did before with all of my spare time?? I have no idea. I love watching a little person transform in front of my eyes. 

Their perfect day together would involve lots of sleep, laughing and giggling & afternoon walk in the sun.

'The funniest and most memorable moments from the shoot' says Jenny, 'was when you videoed my Nana saying how much she loves being a great grandmother.'

The Keys family purchased 7 prints and are going to start a picture wall and keep adding to it over the years.

They have already told their friends about us, Jenny says 'the photos are just beautiful, and the experience is so relaxed , friendly and easy.

One word that Jenny describes her family as now is 'complete, before it was just me and Adrian, now we feel complete.'

Ahh isn't this just the cutest thing!! We love that we can capture the emotions of first time parents.



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