Stafford Baby & Family Photographer - Gwyneth

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"Gwyneth is our world! She's cheeky, funny and so cute!" says Belinda and Felipe.

The Peraza Family hope to have a family portrait shoot every year "to capture our little family change and grow each year" says Belinda
They adore being parents and enjoy the small moments - "the smiles, the hugs, the way you can soothe your little one with a touch, word or cuddle. It is powerful and life changing stuff!" rejoiced Felipe.
The family portrait shoot was memorable with the giggle one moment, crying the next, and then belly-laughs the next!
The Peraza family described our styler of artwork clean, pure, natural and beautiful! They will display their beautiful images on their main wall, bedside table and one at work for the desk.

Belinda & Felipe stated why they would recommend us "The quality of service and amazing product are faultless!".