Newborn Portrait Photographer - Brisbane

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I arrived at this shoot to find Mum Natalie not long home from hospital and looking absolutely amazing .

My favourite thing about this family is the LOVE , the love for this new addition to the family, the love dad has for his stepson, the love dad has for his gorgeous wife and new baby and the love he has for his 2 elder daughters who unfortunately couldnt be there on the day

(but we will definitely be photographing them later all together)

" Love is all around you "

What a wonderful world this baby will grow up in.

Newborn Photography, we LOVE it.


We used the master bedroom as our backdrop and used the beautiful natural light coming in through the windows. Simply gorgeous bedhead and white bedding made for a romantic clean look.

Thank you thank you Natalie and Tony for inviting me into your home, I am so SO excited about your photo's.