Brisbane Family Portraits

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This is the amazing Dickson family, photographed by our Brisbane photographer Lannie.

Jade and Scott (Mum and Dad) have the vivacious Asher who is 2 years old and baby Elka (10 weeks old) who is always happy and smiling. Asher has a great sense of humour and loves books, puzzles and her music lessons, “Jungle Tots”. Jade laughs, "She is mostly happy about having a little sister!"

Jade first saw our photography displayed in The Wesley Hospital, and fell in love with the timeless black and white images. "Our images are displayed all over the house, in every room. I love them." Jade explains. Lannie photographed Asher 2 years ago when she was 10 weeks old in an adorable pink bunny suit and Lannie's task this time was to photograph Elka in the same suit !!

It was also Asher's 2nd birthday on the day of the photo shoot and Jade had some beautiful yellow and pink cupcakes made to celebrate. Lannie’s 2nd task was to photograph Asher with her cupcake to capture what they did on her 2nd birthday however she “behaved like a typical 2 year old” and made Lannie really work for the shot! The solution .... throw a sheet over Poppy’s head while Asher enjoyed her cupcake as she sat on his knee (click here for a behind the scene photo!).  

Jade shared with us what she loves about being a parent "The joy they bring to our lives - Asher makes us laugh all of the time (well, some days she doesn't!) and Elka’s smile melts our hearts. They just complete us."

Jade and her family would recommend Katrina Christ Photographer, saying... "The photos we have from both portrait shoots capture our family and the dynamics perfectly and on both occasions we’ve been made to feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful no matter how well, or badly (!) the children have behaved.:)"