Black & White Family Portraits - Kelvin Grove

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This family was photographed by our Brisbane Photographer Stacey. 

I was very welcomed into this lovely family's home in Kelvin Grove. I could not believe how glowing Julie looked, 7 weeks after giving birth to their first baby, Oliver. The love they radiated for Oliver was heart warming. He has heaps of gorgeous brown hair styled in a cute side part ready for his photo-shoot. I could not stop saying how cute he was!!


Julie describes Oliver as such a good baby who is social, very happy and he is just becoming really active - 'He knows what he wants and when he wants it.'
Julie and I had a really good chat about how smooth her pregnancy was. She explains it was a long difficult journey to get him, Oliver is an IVF baby and it took 5 years for them to fall pregnant. Julie's sister was her egg donor and jokes about her being lucky she has so many sisters. They are so grateful and treasure each day with baby Oliver, he is so precious.
Julie absolutely loves being a mummy, seeing him grow and watching him doing new things everyday. He has just discovered his hands, and blowing raspberries. 
Julie explained why they had their family portrait shoot done ' Time goes so fast, we wanted to remember him from the first few weeks, capture some special moments to look back on.'
They chosen a gorgeous five series, a large family image and an individual one of Oliver. Julie proudly expresses their artwork will be displayed in her living room for everyone to see!
The most memorable moment of the shoot was when Oliver weed on the sheet!!! Julie was drawn to the relaxed and natural style of our artwork and she said she would undoubtedly recommends anyone to have their family shoot with us! (yay!) It was just so easy and relaxed. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the photos turned out. 'Oliver was having a grumpy day' explains Julie. ' But Stacey managed to capture so many different expressions. You cannot tell from the photos he was having a bad day. She did such an amazing job!'

We love being able to surprise our beautiful mums with precious memories that they will treasure forever.


Stacey xox

Black & White Family Portraits - Kelvin Grove