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Customer Service Katrina Christ Photographer 

Fabulous Customer Service - Portrait Photographer Sydney 

How important is customer service these days?

I have had 2 experiences lately
The first was terrible customer service, and the 2nd was AMAZING

I recently decided to walk 1 hour to my ophthalmologist app, I not allowed to drive home, so thought I would get my walk in ! They had rung me the day before to see if I could come in an hour earlier, no problem , I moved a few things around, this is my one day off and I like to pack a lot in.
So after waiting 30 min I politely ask how much longer will the doctor be.
How long is a piece of string was the answer!!!!! What the.
No really, about how long?
The answer - oh about 2 hours. I couldn't believe it.

They had absolutely no concern for anyone, the fact that when I arrived and they knew they were running that late and didn't even bother to tell me.

They also had a roomful of beautiful elderly people waiting. I find it so disrespectful that they assume the elderly have nothing better to do.

I told them I was leaving as I could not possibly wait that long, the administrator asked if I would like to reschedule but they couldn't fit me in for another 8weeks.
No thankyou

To be fair they did call me the next day to apologise and see again if I would like to reschedule.
Why would I risk that again.

Positive story

My husband and 3 daughters had given me a beautiful three and half hour gift certificate to Stephanies. I have been wanting to have a half day spa experience forever and so this Christmas gift was extremely special because they had chosen this without any suggestion from me.
It has taken 6 months for me to find the time to do it. Again on my day off, I dropped the kids to school and off I went to Bulimba.
From the moment I walked through the door I was made to feel special. The atmosphere is simply stunning, low lighting, candles and flowers everywhere.
I had a full body scub, then a facial, and lastly a pedicure.
I could watch a movie during the pedicure and so I popped on the b/w old version of Sabrina. Whilst chatting with the lovely Janelle, a little bottle of champagne and 2 pink heart shaped chocolates was presented to me on a silver tray.
take your time, I was told, when Janelle finished.
I would normally rush off to do some jobs, however I was so relaxed I decided to stay and watch the end of the movie.
I cannot recommend them highly enough, it was clear from the start that they wanted me to have an amazing experience and were genuinely excited for me.

The big difference for me was CARE.
I felt no care at all at the ophthalmologist and genuine care at the salon.

I hope you all feel the LOVE  and CARE  whenever you visit us.
We have always prided ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality.
Katrina Christ Photographer
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