Introducing Aleisha - Brisbane Studio's AMAZING Admin Gal

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 Hi, I'm Aleisha, and I'm the all-seeing eye (aka admin person) at Katrina Christ.

As far back as my brain will allow me to remember, I've loved photography and cinematography. My passion for imagery led to me completing a Degree in Film & Television Production and a Diploma in Photography.

I absolutely love to travel (even if it’s just to another state!) and I love adventure. Every new place I discover I love to photograph. I also have a particular fondness for wildlife and last year, a safari to South Africa allowed me the chance to get up close and photograph some amazing, wild animals. Thankfully, none of them ate me.

If I'm not at my desk and you need to find me, just follow the sound of glorious whistling. When music plays, as it often does here in the studio, I am unable to stop myself from whistling along to the tune.

Outside of work, I'm notorious for giving my friends and family poignant nicknames and in return I've earned many nick names of my own. One of these is 'Tiny Buddha' - so called because of my wise insight, love of the movie Anchorman and the fact that I'm often the smallest person in the room. I am introducing nicknames to the workplace – I think it’s catching on.

Which leads me to my final thought; In a perfect world, I would own a farm full of herds of miniature animals. If they existed.